On tap this week for MLB Advanced Analytics is an update to wOBA-xwOBA. Weighted On-base Average is a stat that places weights At-Bat results progressively. It’s a better indicator of a player's skills than OBP or AVG. We enhance that even further by examining wOBA compared to xwOBA. It removes the luck of where a ball was hit and accounts for how well it was hit, rather. Statcast makes it easy by selecting the desired fields to get wOBA-xwOBA.

Here are the top fifteen in ascending order. 

  • The top fifteen features many big bats. Smoak, both J. Martinez’s, and Ozuna are particularly interesting. Their already high wOBA could be even higher.

  • Guys like Alonso, Aguilar, and Schwaber have an approach with the goal of putting the ball in the air. That can result in less “luck.”

  • Danny Jansen has been slowly rebounding. Hopefully, he continues to get a handle on catching a major league staff and the results at the plate improve.

  • Khris Davis isn’t...