We’re almost a week into June. Metrics are stabilizing and now’s a great time to check back in on CSW Rate, the strike metric the team over at Pitcher List has been publicizing. Called Strikes plus Whiffs, or CSW, accounts for called strikes, swinging strikes, and foul tips into the glove but excludes foul balls. A cousin to swinging strike rate, CSW% goes a step further incorporating the other “good” strikes of called strikes and fouls into the glove. They are the strikes that can do no harm. Effective pitchers can generate them the most. CSW% is more strongly correlated to SIERA than SwStr% for starting pitchers. If you value SwStr% then CSW% should earn your attention, as well.

CSW% should confirm the pitchers with strong performances and offer some hope for an underperforming one. Here’s the CSW% top 20.

  • Shane Beiber has found another gear. His recent results are not luck.

  • Chris Sale had his spring training in April and has since rebounded into the...