While it was a clean race on Sunday with just the two stage cautions being the only yellows we saw all race long. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of action though as there were 47 green flag passes for the lead, 12 lead changes, and more than 3,300 green flag passes in general in the 267-lap race. Position differential played a big role in the winning lineups since the laps led were split fairly evenly by about four drivers making the dominator points not a reliable thing to count on this week.


Large-Field GPP

The contest that represents the large-field GPP this week was the $40K Happy Hour with 47,562 entries and the top 11,974 finishing positions being paid. It was a multi-entry contest with the max being 20 entries per player. Heading up the ownership was none other than Kurt Busch at 45.9%, who in final practice showed better speed than he had all weekend and that coupled with his starting spot of P28 for the race made him a favorite among GPP players...