Dover, the Monster Mile, looms this weekend with its all concrete, high-banked, surface that can be an absolute fit for the teams to set up the cars for. As we saw with the Xfinity race, the cars were loose pretty much all day and with all of the cautions that happened, the track was never rubbered up fully and that changed the handling of the cars as well and threw some teams off for their adjustments and plans for the day.

The 400 laps at this track might be the toughest challenge physically they’ll run all year and toughest on the equipment. It’s not uncommon to see some cars just fail equipment-wise because of the loads this race puts on the cars. This track, while it’s a 1-mile circuit, should be considered a short track for how to build lineups for all intents and purposes as there tend to be just one laps led dominator, and getting lapped can be easier here than other tracks of this length.

Track position is quite important all day here as it typically can be tough to pass or be passed. This is also typically a track that can have several indecent cautions or several cars causing issues for others due to the tighter confines so expect tire rubs and some fender damage to affect the way some cars race.

For more strategy talk check out the Podcast and Track Breakdown write-up. The DFS Rankings can also help break ties between some drivers for you as well.

Average Fantasy Points By Starting Spot

These charts show the average points scored for each site in the last five races here based solely on starting spot regardless of the drivers in those spots. They are meant to show strategy and not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule for setting lineups.


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