Knowing your league rules is crucial to fantasy success. There are many league rules, roster builds, and scoring settings that completely change the value of players and how you should perceive them. All of these different settings are important to keep in mind when ranking your players, coming up with a draft strategy, and dominating your league all season long. We will cover some of the bigger factors, but it is important to look over each and every setting of your league to give yourself the best chance of success. Fantasy Football is not something that you want to play with your eyes closed (literally or figuratively).


This is one of the biggest keys in fantasy football. Some players are much better targets for a PPR league, but lose a lot of value in non PPR, and vice versa. Let’s look at an example.

Player A: 98 receptions, 1106 yards, 3 touchdowns

Player B: 69 receptions, 1059 yards, 7 touchdowns

In a PPR league Player A (Julian Edelman) outscores...

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