When planning out a strategy for fantasy drafts most, especially those in rotisserie leagues, build their rosters around specific categories. Fortunately, in today’s game, the majors are full of players who are multiple category contributors which makes roster construction much easier. As the rounds get later in the drafts, however, the dual-threat players become less available, leaving you with those single category contributors. These players often get overlooked and find themselves labeled as “one-trick-ponies.” Despite their perceived flaws, however, these types of players can be the key to helping you win specific categories and, ultimately, help your overall team. So let’s take a look at some of these players who may go overlooked in drafts despite their abilities to contribute a high in certain categories.


Jarrod Dyson

Quite possibly, the best example of a single-category contributor over the past few seasons has been Jarrod Dyson who has averaged 31...

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