Every year we head into our fantasy drafts with the goals of building the most complete team possible but as the draft unfolds we often will find ourselves missing out on players and needing to decide on what the ultimate strengths and weaknesses of our team is going to be and what categories we are looking to stack vs what categories we are willing to punt in our drafts.

Punting categories during the draft can work to your advantage if you have the plan in place ahead of time. Doing your research and understanding your league format can really give you an edge on how drafts are playing out, what stat categories are deep and which are shallow that may be worth targeting.

Let’s take a look at the common categories that we often need to decide on whether or not it’s best to punt.


This feels like the most obvious one that fantasy players find themselves in a coinflip over. Is it worth the early round picks to lock up the elite closer or are you waiting until your...