New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

New England Patriots: -2.5

Game Total: 56

Pre-Game Props

1) Who wins the Super Bowl? NE 2.3x // LAR 2.6x

Am I a little biased here? Of course, I am a Patriots fan.  That being said, I truly believe New England is taking this one down. They have looked like the Patriots of old since the playoffs started and the team is just too experienced. The Rams time will come soon but it will not be today. Patriots win.

2) Both team’s combine to score 57 or more points in the Super Bowl. Yes 2.6x // No 2.5x

I do believe this game to be pretty high scoring. My call for this one is 38-31 Patriots. YES

3) The Super Bowl goes into OT. Yes 5x // No 1.5x

The Patriots have played in the only OT game in Super Bowl history but I doubt we see that again here so it’s a NO for me.

4) At least 11 points are scored during at least 3 out of 4 quarters of the Super Bowl. Yes 2.8x // No 2.1x

I am going to go with a NO for this one. I think the first half of this game could be a bit slow with each team playing decent enough defense to hold the scoring down.  I expect the second half to be very exciting. No.

5) Either team records a defensive or special teams TD in the Super Bowl. Yes 4.7x // No 1.6x

I am going to go with a NO here. This is a decent prop to use your one shot on though if you think yes as it has a nice 4.7x multiplier.

6) Which LAR Player records more total rushing yards in the Super Bowl? Gurley 1.9x // Anderson 3.6x

I am actually going with Anderson here. Something doesn’t look right with Gurley and I think New England keys in on stopping him when he is in the game.

7) James White records more receptions than Rob Gronkowski . Yes 2.3x // No 2.7x

I am going with NO here as well.  Reports are coming out that Gronk is as healthy as he has been all season and he looked real good against the Chiefs. I am buying into a big Gronk game today in what could be his retirement game if you believe the rumors.

8) Goff and Brady both record at least 285 total passing yards in the Super Bowl. Yes 3.6x // No 1.8x

I am expecting this game to turn into a shootout so it would only make sense that both QB’s throw over 285 yards.

9) Either Robert Woods or Philip Dorsett record a TD reception in the Super Bowl. Yes 3.3 // No 2x

Dorsett has a touchdown catch in three straight games. I also don’t see the Patriots defense throwing a shutout here. Though Woods will have a tough matchup against Gilmore, I can see him possibly getting one.

10) At least 3 players complete a pass in the Super Bowl. Yes 4.9x // No 1.6x

This is a fun prop to bet yes on. The Patriots have Julian Edelman who can throw passes and team’s have had success with that trick play against New England, most notably in last year’s Super Bowl with the Philly Special.

11) Either team makes a FG of 51 yards or more in the Super Bowl. Yes 3.5x // No 2x

As long as Zuerlein is healthy I am going to go with a YES here. IF that dome is closed he can connect from 60+ yards I am pretty sure.

12) Sony Michel records at least one rushing TD in the Super Bowl. Yes 2x // No 3x

Hard to go with a no here given that Michel has five rushing touchdowns through two playoff games this season. I think the Patriots will establish the run early and Michel finds the end zone.

13) Brandin Cooks records a reception of 35 or more in the Super Bowl. Yes 3.6x // No 1.7x

I don’t expect Cooks to get much today but I also don’t think he gets shut out. I can see him breaking lose for at least one downfield play, especially in the second half.

14) Which team commits more penalties in the Super Bowl? NE 2.1x // Rams 3.1x

The Patriots are rarely penalized, and the Rams have some hot heads on their team. I think we see the Rams commit more penalties here.

15) Both teams commit a turnover in the Super Bowl. Yes 2.5x // No 2.5x

I am going to go with a YES for this one. Whether it be a strip sack or an INT, I can see both defenses making a play in this one.