Chalk Stacks

Boston Red Sox vs Chris Tillman

The Red Sox are finally starting to hit as advertised by their recent series with NYY. J.D. Martínez and Mookie Betts both are on a tear this week and the folks and Vegas are predicting that to continue against Chris Tillman . The Red Sox have an implied run total of 5.61 in this divisional matchup at Fenway. Boston is supposed to have a nice spring day tomorrow in the 60’s meaning the ball should be traveling better than it has been. Mitch Moreland should get the nod at first base tomorrow with Hanley being injured by Sonny Gray last night. He should be reasonably priced on both sites and could provide a ton of value hiring in the cleanup spot. The Red Sox will be highly owned, but could very well be worth it.

Washington Nationals vs Kyle Freeland

The Nationals are also going to see some ownership judging by that implied run total sitting over 5. Kyle Freeland   had a .373 wOBA on the road to right handed hitters, and a .332 to left handed hitters. This means that Bryce Harper , Trea Turner , Anthony Rendón , and Ryan Zimmerman are all in play. Don’t be afraid to use the lesser owned guys in this lineup for a chance to grab a sneaky lower owned home run by maybe Michael Taylor . However you choose to get creative, the Nat’s should be less owned than the Red Sox with similar upside

Contrarian Stacks

New York Yankees vs Mike Fiers

The Yankees are flying a bit under the radar due to their slow DFS start. They get Mike Fiers  tomorrow at home. Fiers had a .347 and a .360 wOBA to left handed and right handed hitters, respectively. The Yankees obviously have a lot of hitters who can pump our lineup full of home runs including, Giancarlo Stanton , Aaron Judge ,Gary Sánchez and yes even Didi Gregorius who leads the MLB with a 1.193 OPS this season. There are other guys at the tail end of the lineup like Tyler Wade who should be under owned on the slate and could provide a cheap low owned source of production.