Stacks for Friday, March 30th

Welcome to the second day of the young MLB season. Yesterday was an interesting day and if you managed to stack CWS you found yourself with a much bigger bankroll to risk on this slate we have here. There are a few different ways to attack the slate tonight. First you should be determining what your target is. By that I mean your game selection. Lineups differ across your format. Cash vs GPP, Large GPP vs Small GPP, HU and so on.... I am going to make my recommendations for stacks for cash, large GPP and smaller gpp ( > 500 player pool).



A good strategy to adopt across dfs is to have some lineup synchronization. In NHL it is common to use a stack and have your goalie compliment that stack in the event you get the win and your players contribute. It's like doubling down. The same is true for MLB. For cash I am going with Kyle Hendricks on the mound and CHI:

EX: Kris Bryant, Albert Almora, Ben Zobrist. / Kris Bryant, Albert Almora, Javier Baez/ Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell

EX: Anthony Rizzo, Albert Almora, Javier Baez / Anthony Rizzo, Albert Almora, Ben Zobrist/ Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Ben Zobrist.

I think it will be too difficult to have Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo in the same lineup. To expand on that, you want the HR in this game and ideally you do not want solo shots. Having Rizzo and Bryant in the same lineup limits the amount of possible production you can have. It will also make rostering anyone else immensly difficult. CHI averages $4,375 per player tonight. That is the highest toal on the board. They are going against a young pitcher named Caleb Smith. He was in the Yankees farm system and to this date has never been overly impressive. The ownership will surely be high on these Cubs tonight.

GPP (Small)


Houston is the play here. If you are building less than 10 lineups, 3-6 HOU lineups would be a safe play. You can get away going a little bit more expensive with Houston as there are some cheaper players in the lineup. At $4,111 average per player tonight, they are the second most. They will have lower ownership than the Cubs making them a better GPP play.

EX: Derek Fisher, Josh Reddick, George Springer / Carlos Correa, George Springer, Max Stassi/ Jose Altuve, Josh Reddick, Derek Fisher/ Marwin Gonzalez, Josh Reddick George Springer/ Alex Bregman, Josh Reddick, George Springer ETC

Houston has a 5.22 implied run total which is the highest on the board. You'll want some exposure to this game. You might want to consider it for a cash game play as well. For a GPP I think it works equally as well using some of the more unorthadox players on here (Josh Reddick, Derek Fisher, Max Stassi). I would not use Keuchal here. His price is too high and he is a poor pitcher on the road. Texas is a great place to hit, so I am fading Keuchal in this one.


This is my favorite stack of the night. I had mentioned this in the podcast with James Grande, and Jon Impemba. At $3,325.00, they are the 4th cheapest bunch of ball players on the slate. You can mix and match and combination here comforatbly. I would however use Freddie Freeman in all of your ATL lineups. Freeman can mash RHP and Pivetta, as James a "gas can". Ozzie Albies should also be used here. I would not go as far as to call this contrarian. At these prices and the 4.57 implied run total, the secret is pretty much out. You could use Mike Foltynewicz in this bout. Keep in mind he gets hammered by left handed hitters and the Phillies are sure to deploy them. I just see the Braves coming out on top in this one and if so, Foltynewicz would steal a cheap win.

Large GPP


I like Mike Trout and his friends to smash Sean Manaea tonight. My reservation for using late night game is having to monitor for scratches for 3 hours, but it might pay off tonight. Manaea allowed a .347 wOBA to right handed hitter last year. If you're new to baseball or DFS...thats bad, real bad. You could take a shot on Skaggs. Khris Davis had only 7 HR against southpaws last year as opposed to 34 against RHP. After him there are some players to worry about. 

EX. Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Andrelton Simmons / Mike Trout, Justin Upton, Albert Pujols/ Kole Calhoun, Albert Pujols, Mike Trout/ Justin Upton, Kole Calhoun, Mike Trout


Lastly, SFG is worth a mention here. Do not overload your lineups with SFG, but Alex Wood is one of the more pricey pitchers on the slate. This mean virtually no one will be on the Giants in a meaningful way. At $3,237, they are the 2nd cheapest 9 man roster next to TBR. The difference is they have Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen, and Buster Posey. I would not expect this roster to stay this cheap for a long time. Those three are a viable stack opton on their own as none of them eclipse the $4k mark. You also have Hunter Pence and Austin Jackson to insert there.

G/L grinding.