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It goes without saying, but everyone in life loves new things. In the Fantasy Sports industry, discovering a different format whether it be daily or season long is like the shiny new toy we all got for Christmas when we were younger that we had by our side every second of every day for months. What catches my attention personally is a rock solid title, and what’s more rock solid than “Boom Fantasy”?

After downloading the application on my phone, I decided to scratch that and log on to my computer and surf through the actual website. From there, everything was extremely straightforward and easy to use. Like any DFS site, picking which sport you plan on playing is the first step. After that, unlike sites like DraftKings or FanDuel where you construct rosters based on a certain salary, Boom is a question-based site. For example “Who will have more total bases today; Player X or Player Y?” Each player has a certain number of points that come along with picking them, so at the end of the night if you answer the question correctly, that specific amount of points are added to your total.

Once my lineups were set and we reached lineup lock, I hopped on the app to track my progress and weather I was in the green or not. Once I was on the app I was hooked. It’s a great layout, one that will catch any newcomer’s attention. I remember a few years ago when I first started playing DFS I wasn’t a big fan of some of the layouts that some sites were using for their applications, but I grew into liking them because I enjoy playing DFS. Boom Fantasy isn’t like that at all, fortunately. It’s easy to find specific tournaments, figure out how many available spots are left in each contest and how much each contest is, exactly how it should be.

One of the coolest features of Boom Fantasy that I’ve toyed around with so far is the graphs that come with each question. The graphs outline the last five regular season games played in regards to what the question is in both bar and line form. If you don’t have the time to do a full day's research, the graphs Boom provides you with gives you an idea of which players are hot and which are cold.

My first night on Boom didn’t go very well. I played in both NBA and MLB contests and didn’t come away victorious at all. Despite the fact that it is in question format, research is still worth doing like you would do for your normal day-to-day DFS grind. The second night, Wednesday April 19th, went very different for me. I cashed in both MLB and NBA games. Using the aforementioned graphs and plus a little outside research, I was put in a position to succeed, like you are in every other DFS format barring the amount of research you do.

Constructing rosters each and everyday can be mentally draining and so frustrating that you may begin throwing things at your laptop or television. Boom alleviates that burden and attacks DFS from a completely different angle. It’s great and I’m already looking forward to all the questions I’m going to answer tonight and in the future!

Oh, and by the way. In honor of Fantasy Alarm’s new partnership with Boom Fantasy, we’re offering two (2) free months of our DFS Playbook Pro when you sign up over there and deposit at least $10. New DFS game? Free DFS Playbook for two months? BOOM! That’s a winner.

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