With two games being played on Monday night, we don’t even need to look ahead to Thursday or worry about the short turnaround for some players. We can focus all of our attention to finishing strong here in NFL Week 1.

With the short slate, we will focus on game breakdowns and players we will consider for DFS. You can use this to create Showdown lineups if you just want to take a crack at that single-game lottery ticket or you can use it to build yourself some short-slate lineups like we usually do for the Monday-Thursday slates.

Within the player recommendations, you will find some possibilities for your Showdown slates, but as you know, it’s usually about differentiating yourself from the pack. If you saw how things went in the Thursday Showdowns, you’re going to see a lot of lineup trains, so we don’t recommend you play heavy. Use it as an opportunity to have some fun and maybe have a little skin in the game to make it more interesting.

It’s typically the same with the...