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There are companies out there that cover daily fantasy football as well as we do.  There are companies that cover seasonal fantasy football as well as we do.  There are, however, no companies that have as much depth or quality of coverage for both daily and seasonal fantasy football as we do.  We have everything from podcasts, videos & live streaming to deep analytical articles, plus over 30 customizable tools for fantasy football. We also have the only Lineup Generator that integrates our analysts’ editorial in the decision-making for creating winning lineups.

The most important thing about FANation is that we are here for you.  We have experts in live chat 12 hours a day to answer any questions you have about your seasonal teams or the DFS slates.  It is for members only, so you get direct attention constantly.

We have Sunday Mornings covered with both Live Chat (auditorium style) and Live Streaming with Howard Bender, Jen Piacenti, Adam Ronis, Jon Impemba and the rest of the Fantasy Alarm team. Equally important, if you have a question, our customer service email is always answered by a founder since we feel the most important thing we can do, is BE THERE FOR YOU.  Just write us at

You can access our NFL features as they come out from our NFL Homepage. Below are all the features that we have for both Daily and for Seasonal Players for NFL in 2020.  

Living Draft Guide

Our “Living” draft guides for NFL is in full swing and take you to opening kickoff with dozens of features. Your Draft Guide comes complete with rankings, strategies, unique articles, video player profiles, offensive line breakdowns, coaching system breakdowns and The Ultimate Cheat Sheet that puts this all together for you in nine pages to bring to any draft. All content is updated with breaking news from verified sourcing, so our rankings and projections are never out of date.

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Multi-Media Content

We have more daily & seasonal content from our writers you can’t find on any other site.  Our daily fantasy sports content is baked into our tools which is not possible from a blog site or older site that lacks in leading-edge technology.  Here is what to expect in football for 2020.

  • DFS Playbook – Our flagship product lays out for daily fantasy sports players only the players to invest in for that week’s slates.  It is complete with salaries in six systems, projected ownership and a deep breakdown of why you should use the players.
  • DFS Watch List – It is the slow creation of our flagship product in the same format.  We start early watching a ton of players and then pare it down over the week to be your PLAYBOOK! It has salaries in six systems, projected ownership starting on Friday afternoon and a deep breakdown of why you should be watching the players.
  • DFS Dart Board – We help identify that low-owned, low-cost player who may just win you that GPP
  • Seasonal & Weekly Rankings – Pre-season and weekly rankings by position for Standard & PPR leagues complete with tiers, projections and auction values.
  • Example Lineups – We publish the actual lineups that we plan to play on FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo! We post “pivots” that allow users to make changes or learn how to build other lineups with more information.
  • DFS Coaches – Separate data driven features that are both tool and editorial.  We have coaches for QB, RB, WR, TE and DST.
  • DFS Video Content – Quick Videos with top plays from our analysts for the upcoming week
  • DFS Strategy – Teach the winning strategies and how to identify what slates to use what strategies in.
  • Game Previews – Weekly preview of the game with editorial, full projections and splits for the games.  These will be posted Wednesday nights for the upcoming week.
  • Weekly Team Match-Up Reports – A full statistical analysis of every match-up for the week
  • Injury Reports – Multiple times a week, we check in on the injuries and their status.
  • Waiver Wire Columns – Multiple times a week, we check in on the waiver wire suggestions.
  • RB Workloads – Analysis of the targets, catches and carries for each RB with easy to see week by week trends.
  • Snap Counts Report – Analysis with trends for snaps distribution for all positions.
  • Targets Analysis – Look at who the QB is targeting on each team and understand what all the numbers and trends mean.
  • IDP Report – Weekly look at the individual defensive player leagues.  Who is making the tackles, assists, sacks, blocked passes and interceptions?
  • WR/CBs Match-Up Report – A look at every major matchup of WR and CB in every game.
  • Red Zone Report – A look at deep data for Red Zone performance from each team.  An analysis of the data and things you may miss by looking at a statistical report.
  • Practice Reports – Rundown of the important injuries and their practice schedule to determine whether they with play.

Lineup Generator for DFS Players

For DFS players, all our tools recognize scoring, salaries and slates for six DFS sites.  Every tool makes it easy for you to see your favorite sites and do the research to make you win.

Our Lineup Generator takes in our editorial content into the engine with analysis of 33 metrics and spits out winning lineups for six different sites.  This year, we added export capabilities and some strategy buttons to help you control what comes out of the engine.

LeagueSync for Seasonal Players

For Seasonal players, you have LeagueSync. Connect to your season-long providers and get access to your teams and leagues which will connect you to all 30 tools to help you DOMINATE in season.

Features include:

  • Dashboard: A view of all your leagues, teams and current standing. Apply an abbreviation to each league to unlock indicators throughout the Fantasy Alarm site, showing your players.
  • Deep Stats:  View your teams season-long stats, last week’s stats, last three weeks’ stats and LIVE stats.  View the "Volume Report" to see trends in usage to help identify the breakout players on your roster.
  • Projections: See your season-long, weekly and rest-of-season projections to help make the key decisions for your roster.
  • Free Agents:  View all your leagues free agents with information to help decide the best additions to your roster.
  • News Dashboard: View all your players, free agents and on other rosters news on a single page.
  • Trade Evaluator:  Want to check out an offered trade?  Or, just play around to see what's possible...this dynamic tool will provide you with the answers you need to pull the trigger on the blockbuster that leads you to a Championship.
  • Draft Evaluator:  Check out how you did in the draft and get key information to help you improve on your next one.  This comes with projected standings, positional strengths and weaknesses, top value picks and reaches and bye week analysis.

Custom Tools for Both DFS & Seasonal Players

All members of FANation get personalized tools whether you are a DFS or Seasonal player.  Each tool includes salaries, scoring and/or personalization for your seasonal teams.

Here are some other NFL tools we have:

  • Weekly Match-Ups -- You can see projections, advanced metrics, Home/Away splits, Left/Right splits, Last 5 Games in DFS scoring systems, DFS prices with Value Meter, Year-to-Date stats and even see real-time stats fill in. It contains Vegas information, inactives and practice reports; plus all the info you need to use this as your primary research page and scoreboard.
  • Weather Center – Breakdown and follow every game’s weather real-time with hour by hour weather, links to important game info and easy to see weather indicators to tell you whether game plans change and you should play or avoid certain players.
  • Daily & Seasonal Projections – Complete sortable projections with scoring systems, salaries and values attached.
  • Sortable Stats -- Complete REAL-TIME & Seasonal sortable stats including deep stats in a sortable way.  For DFS, we add salaries, projected points and value of those points.
  • Volume Report – Get week-by-week trends for touches, targets and thrown at.
  • Snaps Report – Get week-by-week trends for snaps.
  • Points Allowed by Position – All positions broken down in all scoring systems, including your own.
  • Consistency Report - Get week-by-week trends for fantasy points in all scoring systems, including your own.
  • Scores Ribbon & Matchup Pages (week 3) – Integrated Scores ribbon & individual BOXSCORES for all your fantasy teams automatically synced into Fantasy Alarm.
  • Vegas Odds Page – All the Vegas info that you need to make decisions.  This information is layered into the other products.
  • Free Agent Tracker – Off-season tracker for all the moves that are made by teams.
  • NFL Draft Tracker – Firs round broken down real-time during the draft.
  • Depth Charts – Up to the second depth charts managed by a team of eight producers.
  • Strength of Schedule – Examine the Strength of Schedule for teams, but most importantly the strength of schedule in
  • Ownership Projections – UFCollective projects the ownership for each player in big tournaments on FanDuel & DraftKings. This information in sortable form is a great way to get global information and additionally, the information is for our subscribers on all DFS features that it augments.

Pheeeewwww! That is an enormous amount of editorial, multi-media, direct contact, live streaming, live chat and customized tools for both season and DFS.  We have you covered.

We all love hearing from FANation so whether you are curious about the SMART system, how to break into the fantasy business or daily fantasy sports strategies do not hesitate to get in touch. If you ever need anything from our staff, our support email will be answered by one of the founders since we think you are that important.  Just write to

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