Welcome to the Example Lineups for the Thanksgiving Day NFL DFS slate!

First and foremost, today is about having some fun. As I said in the Playbook write-up, playing cash games on a short slate is not recommended. There is far too much overlap which raises the paylines and if you're concerned at all about the lineup trains you are seeing in 50/50s in recent weeks, just imagine what it all looks like when you only have three games from which to choose. I stick to GPP tournaments and the single-entry at that. I'll play some 3-entry max tournaments on Draft Kings, but that's about it. Will I throw one of my lineups into a large-field multi-entry GPP? Probably. But I am staying well within my usual budget each week and would rather invest more heavily in Sunday's main slate than in today's contests. So keep that in mind. You still have a whole other slate to play this weekend.

OK, enough lecturing. 

Let's take a look at a few lineup examples for today's three-game slate.