Welcome to the DFS Example Lineups for the NFL Week 1 Monday Night slate.

It looks like both main DFS sites have opted to skip the Thursday game given the two-game Monday night slate. Not that anyone minds as there’s nothing worse than having to wait three days for a contest to finish up. So let’s get to it.

Remember, when we play a two-game slate we stick to GPP tournaments only and if you are new to playing small slates, you want to make sure you stay with single-entry contests. Multi-entry contests are filled with max lineups players and you are at a significant disadvantage. It’s as big of a longshot as playing a lottery scratcher from your local grocery store.

Also, remember you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. You aren’t going to win a tournament playing the chalk and if you do, you’re splitting it with a ton of people. Don’t worry about leaving money on the table. It’s more important to have a low-owned guy or two who have a...