Welcome to the DFS Optimal Lineups for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs!

Remember, these examples are for the Saturday-Sunday Slate and only for GPP tournaments. If you feel like playing a two-game slate, by all means. Just make sure you find intriguing ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd. Be conscious of the weather in Kansas City. It looks like it's going to snow throughout the game today, so if you're only playing one or two lineups, you may want to limit your exposure a bit. The running backs all become more intriguing plays, for sure, but you're taking on some risk with the uncertainty of how everyone will perform under those conditions.

ADD ON: I am including Damien Williams as a possibility given the weather. He wasn't in the Playbook, but take note here.

Here are a couple of examples to compare to your own lineups and see how things shake out. And as always, these lineups are not meant to be taken as your own. They are means to serve...