Welcome to the NFL Week 17 DFS Watch List

With the holidays and having no games until Sunday,the sense of urgency to put out the Watch List has clearly waned. Not because it doesn't matter, but because Week 17 is always an interesting time when we opine which teams will start their players in full, which ones would play their starters for just a sseries or two and which players would be sat outright. The information trickles in at a snails pace because of the holidays and here we are late in the week and we still don't have a firm grasp on who to use and who to ignore. For me, I'm ruling out the starters for the Cowboys and the Saints. Neither team has anything to play for and it's just a smarter move to save them for the playoffs. Even the talk of Ezekiel Elliott playing to win the rushing title seems bogus. He's got 183-yard lead over Todd Gurley who isn't even playing and a 236-yard lead over Saquon Barkley . The Cowboys and Giants are playing. Don't you think the Cowboys would keep Zeke out and only use him if, in some way, Barkley came close? Come on.

Nevertheless, there's pride on the line for some, personal records for others and a whole lot of other players with plenty riding on the line. For DFS, we're looking to invest in those who want it the most this week...  

(Max 3)