Welcome to the DFS Optimal Lineups for Week 17!

We've all been around and around the player selections this week and while I've splashed in players who I think will succeed even without a playoff incentive, I've tried to stay mostly with teams who have something at stake. Fortunately, there's enough of them upon which to build a strong foundation. While I usually like to add a few darts here and there, I didn't really feel it necessary today. I went straight from the DFS Playbook. It's a tough week and there were more than enough options who came with some low ownership projections, so rather than get too cute, I maneuvered some interesting stacks based on implied points totals for the main GPP lineups. I do, however, feel like you can use the cash lineups in GPP contests as well. So have at it, people and, of course, the best of luck to you all.

May at least one of you make millions. May several of you win hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Keep in mind, and I cannot...