We’ve made some changes here at the Alarm Sports Network!

We take great pride in delivering the ultimate customer experience and that means listening to what you have to say. You asked for easier navigation around the site and a clearer path to finding all of the great content and premium tools we have to offer. To do this, we went back to the drawing board and can now present to you, not one, but three conjoined websites to service all of your fantasy and sports wagering needs.

The sites have a cleaner look and will not only make it easier to find everything you need, but it may also reveal some tools and content offerings you never even knew existed. The new, underlying platform will also make is easier for us to add new features and products as well as enhance a more personalized experience for you to truly make this your home for fantasy and gaming.

What Exactly Did We Do?

  • Separated seasonal fantasy sports from daily fantasy sports, making all of our content and tools specific to each more visible for those who may play one and not the other.
  • Re-organized all the features so they are easier to find within their areas.
  • Redesigned the award-winning Playbook and Core Features.
  • Redeveloped the software underneath to deliver data-rich analysis within written articles to help you learn, play, and win in fantasy sports and sports betting.
  • Created a robust Content Scheduler right in the middle of the homepage and inside each individual sports’ landing page. Not only will this improve findability, but also allow you to sign up for alerts telling you when specific pieces are published.
  • Added Discord for all of our Chat & Direct Access features to give you a better experience and easier connection to the #FAmily.
  • Enhanced LeagueSync to have deeper personalization features.
  • Still to come - the next generation of our Lineup Generator and the all new SMARTWager for the NFL season.

Here are the quick links to the three sites in the Alarm Sports Network Family:

If you have suggestions or ideas, please email support@fantasyalarm.com

Anticipating Your Questions (FAQ)

Question: What happened to the chat on the bottom right?  How do I get access to the #FAmily?

Answer: We have launched our own servers on Discord, a popular community app that will enable the same great access you had to our analysts, without having to be on our site. We did this to have greater access to customers, enhance community interactions and to support the #FAmily at a higher level.  Here are instructions on how to get involved:

If you are not a current user of Discord, you may be asked to download the app. Do so and follow their instructions. Discord is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Andriod as well as a web-based version if you prefer.

Once you have completed the installation process and joined our server, you can join the conversation in any of the available ‘Text Channels’ listed. 

Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you out.

Question: Do I still get all the season-long fantasy sports products, features and tools with my seasonal purchases on DFSAlarm.com?

Answer: If you have already signed up for a product on Fantasy Alarm before June 7, 2021, including the Lifetime package, you will have access to the DFS products that were part of the package when you bought it. For more questions on DFSAlarm.com packages, please write to Support@fantasyalarm.com

Question: Do I still get all the daily fantasy sports products, features and tools with my purchases on FantasyAlarm.com?

Answer: If you have already signed up for a product on Fantasy Alarm before June 7, 2021, including the Lifetime package, you will have access to the seasonal products that were part of the package when you bought it.  For more questions on FantasyAlarm.com packages, please write to support@fantasyalarm.com.

Question: What is the best way to find things on the new sites?

Answer: The best way to find things is to use the links on the home page or click on the sport you are interested in and use that page.  The main menu at the top of the page is handy for having organized all of the features and tools into categories for you to find things.  The SEARCH at the top right can help you find players and their news easily.  For more questions on finding something you are looking for, please write to support@fantasyalarm.com.

Question: Why are Wager Alarm subscriptions not included in my Lifetime package but DFS Alarm is?

Answer: When you purchased your lifetime subscription, the daily fantasy sports features and tools were part of that and we felt that removing that for someone who committed to being a loyal member of the #FAmily would be bad form.  We cannot package sports betting products with fantasy sports products, so they cannot be included.

Well, there you are.  Nothing new is ever perfect.  Change is hard.  We know that, so hit us up in the Discord channels or write to support@fantasyalarm.com with any questions or suggestions.