Knowing as much information about the 30 different major league ballparks is imperative for your success in fantasy baseball. Whether you’re playing standard roto, head-to-head, categories, points, whatever – understanding which parks are hitter-friendly, which ones are pitcher-friendly and how each of them plays on a day-to-day basis matters.

The table below reveals how each MLB stadium performed against its counterparts in terms of runs scored in 2016. The ratings are based on the offensive output that the park produced during the regular season with both home and away team’s stats accounted for in the calculation.

There are often variations, even if they are slight, in offensive production at the 30 different MLB stadiums from season-to-season. However, one thing has remained glaringly steady, and it should come as no surprise to fantasy baseball enthusiasts -- Coors Field produced more runs than any other big-league venue in 2016, marking the fifth consecutive year in...

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