What are the benefits of going pro?

Before I was the Chief Marketing Officer at Fantasy Alarm, I was just like you. I was skimming the internet looking for ways to be a better player. I was tired of the same old websites vomiting the same information and expecting me to hand them my hard-earned cheddar just to tell me what I already knew

I needed to find a way to learn to be a better player and skyrocket out of my fantasy purgatory of mediocracy.

Then I found Fantasy Alarm.

Within one month I hit my first big GPP win ($2,500 in my pocket), and I was consistently placing in my cash games. In my big money seasonal league, I turned my team from 10th place to a playoff push before finally winning the golden ball, our leagues most covenant prize which I have never won before.

I was #FANation before I even started working here.

Four years later the Playbook Pro has never been better. It honestly offers everything you need to start winning your Fantasy Games no matter what sport you play and on numerous platforms, daily or seasonal. All of the customizable tools save you time, and 100+ features per month will make you smarter just like it did for me.

If you decide to join us, go to FantasyAlarm.com/win and get a 20% discount FOREVER with the promo code Fantasy20 on any product that we have.  Join the family with any product that fits your fantasy experience.

If the discount doesn't get you to join the family, here is an outline of everything it offers, everything it can do to make you the next success story as we welcome you with open arms into the #FANation.   

Fantasy Alarm Experts are AVAILABLE for you from 8AM-8PM ET EVERY DAY

We have analysts that are in our live chat, on our forums, on twitter and available for you to get real-time immediate advice from them and our entire team.  All of us take pride on helping evert FANation member become a better player like we all did together over the last three years.

Top plays and analysis for all slates and games

We leave no game slate un-analyzed. From the NFL to MMA Fight Night our team brings the numbers and knowledge straight to your fingertips. Our Playbook Pro offers our recommended plays for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, WNBA, AND MMA. We don't just tell you who to play; we explain why they should be in your lineups and help you become a better player. With our growing team and innovation, we will have new playbooks for EPL and entertainment very soon.

Daily DFS optimal lineups for GPP and cash games

Our team puts together optimal lineups for you to use, but more importantly for you to learn how we constructed our lineup so you can create your high scoring and winning lineups to separate yourself from the pack and become a real DFS legend. We offer optimal lineups in all sports in which we provide Playbooks (Size of the slates depending) for FanDuel, DraftKings and others.

Advanced customizable real-time statistics and innovative tools

We have all the tools you need to adjust your daily and seasonal lineups accordingly. We are always improving our tools to customers' requests to ensure you only need one destination for your research. All of our stats are up-to-date to the minute so that you can follow along live with your teams and lineups. We also house many tools like a full live weather center, live salaries with values, Vegas odds, depth charts and more!

In-depth projection system for most platforms

We compile all the stats, splits, lineups, performance history and more so you don't have to.  We take pride in ourselves to provide you with the most accurate projections in the industry in both seasonal and daily games. We even offer projections of a vast variety of platforms including but not limited to; FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, ESPN, FanBall, CBS, RealTime Sports and Head2Head.

Lineup generator with added "human" element

We don't trust computers, so we added a human element to our lineup generator. Not only do we factor in our in-depth projection system, but we also mix in our Playbook to help generate lineups based on all of the hard work and research from our team to ensure that the lineups are up-to-date and accurate. For both Cash Games and GPP Tournaments, we offer lineup generators in NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL with more sports coming soon. And, no matter what game you play (FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, Fanball, RealTime Fantasy Sports or FantasyDraft) we have you covered.

Premium Features and Articles

Our premium articles will cover you in fantasy supremacy. In-depth articles and features that comprise the advanced stats and eye tests from our analysis will help you on your waiver wire and give you the edge in choosing contrarian players for your daily lineups.

Expert advice from proven winners. No questions go unanswered.

When you go Pro, you will receive exclusive, immediate access to all of our experts. Join our premium forums and chats and get all your questions answered, we guarantee it.

Always up-to-date fantasy draft guides and easy-to-use draft books

To succeed in seasonal fantasy sports, you have to own your draft. We provide draft guides in NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL to ensure you have the upper hand on your opponents come draft time. With insider insights, like Jim Bowden and his Rolodex of real General Managers, and a talented team of proven winners we provide the best draft guides in the industry. And to add icing to the cake, all of our draft guides are updated as news breaks making them the only live draft guides in the industry. No out of date magazines or players still sitting on an island in free agency. And for your players who may not have the time to do the research, we offer you easy-to-use draft books for NFL, and MLB that gives you round by round picks with auction values to dominate your draft in a snap.

So GO PRO and join the best family in fantasy sports.  Remember - go to FantasyAlarm.com/win and use promo code Fantasy20 for 20% off of ANYTHING.

Edward Raus

Chief Marketing Officer