(+450) PGG v C9 (-750)

(+290) PSG v RNG (-450)

(+230) MAD v DWG (-325)

(+800) PGG v RNG(-1800)

(-325) DWG v C9 (+230)

(-175) MAD v PSG (+135)

This second round of the Rumble Round has been about what we have thought it was going to be with a few different outlying outcomes. RNG is dominant by a pretty far margin and PGG is in well over their head in terms of competition. What has been a shock to everyone is how poorly both DWG and C9 have looked in their matches. Both teams have high expectations put on them by fans and analysts and both have struggled to meet those expectations. The difference is that DWG is still winning even while looking weak while Cloud9 looks like they may not string a win together in the Rumble...