The Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl Champions, so clearly there is a target on their back.

The Giants think they can make another run with Eli Manning at the helm (and as long as they are supported by a sturdy ground game).

Washington was riding high, until their newest potential star tore an ACL.

And then there are the Cowboys… At FA Nation there are A LOT of Cowboys fans, so I’ll skip the commentary and let the stats speak for themselves.

Here are the stats that you need to know about the NFC East:


The Dallas Cowboys were founded in 1960 by Clint Murchison Jr. Murchison wanted a team for years, but the owner of the Washington Redskins, George Preston Marshall, continuously blocked him. In a power move, Murchison bought the rights to the Redskins’ fight song, and used it as a bargaining chip. It worked.

Dak Prescott ’s completion percentage dropped by five points between his rookie (67.8 percent) and sophomore season (62.9). He also went...