Last year the New Orleans Saints were a Stefon Diggs miracle catch away from making the NFC Championship.

The year before, the Atlanta Falcons were ahead in the Super Bowl, 28-3, and somehow still lost in overtime to the New England Patriots.

The year before that, Cam Newton won the league MVP before going on to lose to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

The Bucs were on Hard Knocks.

The NFC South also provides great fantasy options. The stats are here to tell you a story.


Interim head coach, Jim Hanifan, was very into props when making motivational speeches during the 1989 season. He once brought in a stick of dynamite, and told them to be explosive while inviting the players to come up and touch it before a game against the 49ers. They lost to San Francisco 23-10. The next week he brought in three hand grenades when they travelled to play the Vikings. They lost to Minnesota 43-17. But he needed to up his game for this third and final attempt...