Dynasty fantasy football is the most challenging and rewarding version of this game. If you’ve ever owned a guy in redraft because you KNEW he was talented, only to have him break out a year later, this is your format. No more saying “I had him last year”. You can have that player every year and forever. And no one can take that away.

(How I respond to trade offers for Chris Godwin)

The thing is dynasty leagues can also be an absolute nightmare if set up improperly. This isn’t some redraft league where you get a fresh start every year and can change the rules on the fly. Whatever you set for positions, scoring etc. -teams are going to drafting with 3 years down the road in mind. So, you can’t just say “hey we are switching from a standard league to a PPR Superflex next year so make sure you get some QBs”. That doesn’t fly in this. So, what we’ve decided to do is put together the best possible advice we can give you for starting a dynasty league. So here we go.

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