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Riley Cooper's RACIAL Slur At Kenny Chesney Concert

On Wednesday afternoon a video of Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper -- thought to be in charge of filling the void left by an injured Jeremy Maclin -- attending a Kenny Chesney concert surfaced on the Internet at the Philly Sports blog CrossingBroad.com (NSFW language if you click through, clearly). It featured Cooper, preparing to go backstage at the concert, using a racial slur in extremely inappropriate context. "I will jump that fence and fight every n***** here," Cooper says, pointing at the camera. Deadspin.com picked up the video and things got out of hand quick -- within half an hour Cooper had issued an apology on Twitter and through the Eagles. It's a full-blown disaster for Cooper, who cannot possibly justify his use of that language. I don't know anything about Cooper's personal beliefs but it's hard to imagine this would go over well in the context of a professional setting as intense and intimate as an NFL locker room. Let it serve as another reminder that in today's world the cameras are always rolling, for better or worse.

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