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Orioles have withdrawn their four-year offer to Mark Trumbo.

Trumbo was offered a rumored four-year $52-$55 million deal a few weeks back, but according to reports, he wants more. Trumbo is one of several big bats on the free agent market and their simply aren't a lot of teams that have a real need for his skill set at that price. Baltimore has reportedly moved on to Chris Carter at this point but may circle back to Trumbo if the market falls through the floor on him.
14 minutes ago
Andrew Bogut Headshot

Update: Andrew Bogut is expected to miss at least two weeks due to a bone bruise in his knee.

Bogut underwent an MRI on Tuesday and the results were the bone bruise that will now take a couple of weeks off of his availability. He was originally thought to need just the next few games, but this will be longer than that initial time frame obviously. Dwight Powell will be the main low post player for the next little bit with Dirk and now Bogut out of action.
16 minutes ago
Jay Bruce Headshot

Mets are looking to trade Jay Bruce instead of Curtis Granderson.

Once the signing of Yoenis Cespedes became official, the question was exactly who would be shipped out of the outfield in Citi Field. Bruce is the likely choice since his contract is better, he is younger, and the better overall player. It's hard to say exactly what the Mets would be looking for in return for the slugging right fielder, but prospects and pitching are always in demand.
29 minutes ago
Johnathan Joseph Headshot

Johnathan Joseph has two cracked ribs and a bruised lung.

The problem for Joseph, and the Texans, is that there really isn't anything that can be done for either of these injuries aside from just letting him rest. He is considered doubtful to play in Week 14 at this point, which would be a boost for the Colts chances in a divisional showdown on Sunday.
31 minutes ago
Chris Carter Headshot

Orioles have shown interest in Chris Carter.

Carter has been a big time power hitter in the past two seasons, but was non-tendered by the Brewers on Friday. Baltimore has a history of signing overlooked power guys and turning them into premier free agents the following season, i.e. Nelson Cruz, and now Mark Trumbo, and Carter could be another one of those guys. Especially in the band box that is Camden Yards. There is an excess of first baseman available this year and thus that could work in the O's favor for getting an impact bat for a cheap price.
40 minutes ago
Cecil Shorts Headshot

Buccaneers placed (knee) Cecil Shorts on injured reserve.

There isn't much that he didn't damage in his right knee. Shorts tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL in addition to dislocating his knee. It's more than just a simply torn ligament rehab for him at this point and at 29, there will be questions as to just how well he can recover from the major injury. Don't expect to see him on the field until 2018, if he even comes back.
41 minutes ago
Victor Cruz Headshot

Victor Cruz expects to get more targets going forward.

Cruz was bitterly frustrated with not seeing a single target in the Week 13 loss to Pittsburgh as OBJ dominated the looks from Eli. Cruz has been a solid option aside from Beckham but it hasn't amounted to much in terms of production with just 27 grabs for 462 yards and a score. Until the targets turn into production, there is no real reason to roster Cruz.
42 minutes ago
Josh Huff Headshot

Buccaneers have signed Josh Huff to their active roster.

Huff has been added to the 53-man squad to fill the vacancy left by the placement of Cecil Shorts on I.R. Huff was last with the Eagles prior to getting cut following a DUI arrest in early November. He should be a depth guy for the wideout core and could factor in four wideout sets for Tampa down the stretch.
44 minutes ago
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