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DFS NFL Optimal Lineups: Week 3
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Jeremy Langford Headshot

RB Jeremy Langford (ankle) will not return to Sunday's game.

NBC initially reported that it was Langford's Achilles', but then it was reported that it was his ankle that was giving him trouble. He's likely undergoing exams right now and it's possible he'll be looked at some kind of absence. Stay tuned as the Bears will update as soon as they know. For now, it'll be the Jordan Howard show.
43 minutes ago
Jeremy Langford Headshot

Update: RB Jeremy Langford has an ankle injury and his return is questionable.

It isn't known when he got the injury, but Langford was taken into the locker room via cart and presumably had a number of tests done. If he's forced to sit out any period of time, Jordan Howard would start be an mid-range RB2 with upside. Pick him up wherever you can.
58 minutes ago
Jeremy Langford Headshot

RB Jeremy Langford has been carted to locker room.

It's unclear why right now, but expect the Bears to give some updates soon. It looks like it'll be the Jordan Howard show from here on out. Howard was out-touching Langford anyway and would be put into a much larger role if Langford is forced to miss significant time. Stay tuned.
1 hour ago
Harold Jones-Quartey Headshot

S Harold Jones-Quartey has been ruled out with a concussion.

The merciful Bears are now just struggling to get competent players on the field. Jones-Quartey left the game in the second quarter and was checking for a concussion - and it would seem apparent he has one. He'll be going through the league's protocol over the course of the week and will be questionable ahead of Week 4's home game vs. the Lions.
1 hour ago
Jonathan Bullard Headshot

DE Jonathan Bullard is questionable to return with a foot injury.

Bullard suffered the foot injury in the second quarter and remains questionable to get back in the game.
1 hour ago
Jordan Howard Headshot

RB Jordan Howard started the second half over Jeremy Langford.

Howard started the second half after a really nice first half showing. He's out-touched Langford 7-to-5 thus far and the writing has been on the wall for him to get more playing time for the last week or so. He needs to be added in all formats as he seems to have taken the favor of the coach.
1 hour ago
Nikola Pekovic Headshot

Nikola Pekovic will miss the entire 2016-'17 season due to a reoccurring ankle injury.

Word of this came out over the weekend when AP's Jon Krawcynski reported that he was "doubtful" to play again in the NBA. Pek has been bothered by a cranky ankle for quite some time now and always seems to be dealing with some sort of injury. Insurance will cover the Wolves' contract with Pekovic, although they may reach a buyout agreement as he has one year and about $12 million left on his deal. At 30 years old, and having only played 43 combined games over the last two seasons, it'd be surprising if Pekovich resurfaced in the NBA.
1 hour ago
Jonathan Bullard Headshot

DE Jonathan Bullard is having his right leg looked at on the Bears sidelines.

Bullard was having his leg looked at in the second quarter of tonight's game, and is questionable to return. There's a chance he returns for the second half, but the Bears will release an official ruling soon.
1 hour ago
Nate Orchard Headshot

LB Nate Orchard left Sunday's game wearing a walking boot.

He was having a nice first couple of games before leaving Sunday's game with a foot injury. He'll presumably head for tests and his status should be updated at some point on Monday.
2 hours ago
Dez Bryant Headshot

WR Dez Bryant is getting his right knee wrapped.

This is probably just precautionary to prevent further injury to Dez's knee. He should be back in the game after they finish wrapping his knee. Hopefully this doesn't limit of hinder his production.
2 hours ago
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