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Kyrie Irving was forced from Thursday's USA Basketball game after a hard fall.

Kyrie was seen holding his hip as he walked off the court. He was knocked down while driving to the lane. There have been no further updates on his condition.ANALYST: Jonathan Impemba

Chris Bosh (calf) is playing it safe by not participating in All-Star weekend.

Bosh will have some tests done after the weekend, but this is yet another indication his injury is not particularly serious. If Bosh has to miss any games, Josh McRoberts would likely get most of his minutes. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Owen Daniels is considering retiring from the NFL.

Much has been made of Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset following a Super Bowl win, and now it appears Owen Daniels could do the same. Daniels was productive at times last season, and could still contribute to a good team, but the Broncos traded for Vernon Davis in part to improve their tight end play. If Daniels does retire, expect Denver to address the tight end position in the draft or free agency. Analysis: Steve Pimental

White Sox could look to trade Avisail Garcia so they could sign Dexter Fowler.

Garcia is just 24 years old and is owed just $2.1 million next season, so some team will take a chance on him if the White Sox want to spend a draft pick on a 30-year-old who has played 145 games just once in his career. The White Sox already have Adam Eaton entrenched in the leadoff spot, and while Fowler would make a fine number two hitter, he doesn't exactly fill a need on the south side. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Tarvaris Jackson is expected to explore his options in free agency.

It would be pretty surprising if Tarvaris Jackson has any options in free agency. He has attempted just 20 passes since 2011, when he had 14 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 79.2 passer rating. The best bet for Jackson to stay in the NFL is to re-sign with Seattle and hope Russell Wilson never gets hurt.  Analysis: Steve Pimental

Michael Pineda said his goal for 2016 is to pitch 200 innings.

Pineda threw 160 2/3 innings last season and his career-high is 171 with the Mariners in 2011, so you should probably take the under on 200 innings. 180 innings seems like a more reasonable projection, considering Pineda made just 13 starts in 2014. Pineda has proven he is an effective pitcher when healthy, but health remains a concern. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Russell Westbrook said Oklahoma City is the place he wants to be.

There has been a lot of speculation about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City in free agency, but that has never seemed a particularly likely scenario. Westbrook still has one more year on his contract after this season, and it is possible Durant could sign a one-year contract to hit free agency along with Westbrook and Serge Ibaka in the summer of 2017. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Giants confirmed Madison Bumgarner will start on opening day.

The Giants signed Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija in the offseason, but there was never any doubt Bumgarner would get the opening day start. The Giants begin the season in Milwaukee, and Bumgarner will likely be the top DFS starter that day despite facing a Brewer lineup that bats largely from the right side. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Cowboys hope to restructure the contract of Tyron Smith.

The Cowboys' offensive line was widely considered the best in the NFL entering last season, and while Dallas fell from second to 11th in rushing yards per game, there is no doubt Smith makes that line better. If they cannot restructure his contract, the Cowboys could cut Smith, which would hurt the fantasy value of Tony Romo and the Dallas running backs. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Prince Amukamara wants $10 million a year.

That's bold talk from a one-eyed fat man. Amukamara has played just 55 games over five NFL seasons, including 11 games in 2015. Amukamara has just one season with more than one interception and his career high is 14 passes defended. Amukamara will likely start for some team in 2016, but $10 million per year seems far-fetched. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Kyle Lowry thought the trade to the Knicks was a done deal in 2013.

It is interesting to think how different the Raptors and Knicks would have turned out if Lowry went to New York, but this hardly qualifies as news. It is unlikely any impact players like Lowry will get moved at the trade deadline, especially any as young as he was.  Analysis: Steve Pimental

Denver Broncos safety Shiloh Keo arrested for DUI.

The Broncos already have some tough decisions to make with Von Miller and other defensive starters set to become free agents, and this could complicate matters. The Broncos may have to draft or sign another safety if Keo faces any discipline from the league. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Chris Bosh will have more tests on his injured Calf.

Bosh sounds optimistic, but we should know more in the coming days. If his calf injury is serious, it could prevent Miami from trading Hassan Whiteside, despite Whiteside's impeding free agency. Josh McRoberts could pick up the lion's share of Bosh's minutes if Bosh misses any time. Analysis: Steve Pimental

Shaun Suisham has not been cleared to kick yet, he's still recovering from the torn anterior cruciate ligament and torn meniscus he suffered.

The Steelers had terrible luck with their kickers last season, beginning with Suisham's torn ACL. Whoever wins Pittsburgh's kicking job out of training camp will be worth drafting for fantasy; the Steelers were fourth in the NFL in points last season and Chris Boswell and Josh Scobee combined for 146 fantasy points, which would have tied for fourth among kickers. Analysis: Steve Pimental


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