As expected, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski will not play on Saturday. Everything is still on course, though optimistic, but not certain about Week 1.

We've been playing this game long enough to know that Gronkowski plays in games that count and that's about it. Practicing is something that he is foreign to, so why would he play in preseason games? We all know he's a top option at tight end, but we also know the huge risk associated with Gronkowski. Remember that before you spend an early round pick on him.ANALYST: David Kerr In today's episode of As the Gronk Turns, our hero is set to miss yet another preseason game and is likely doubtful to play in the fourth one as well. He remains hopeful about following through on his "I'll play in all 16 games" promise, but little did he know that our villain, The Injury Bug, has other plans in store for our hero. Tune in tomorrow for more false hope and lies from the House of Belichick.ANALYST: Howard Bender


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