The 49ers expect NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make a ruling on any punishment for outside linebacker Aldon Smith before the start of the regular season and possibly within the next 10 days.

Throw the damn book at him! We're talking drugs, alcohol, drinking and driving, guns and gangs here. The only way he is ever going to learn a lesson is if you take his livelihood away from him. Suspend without pay! Sure, there are probably hundreds of guys in the NFL that violate both the substance abuse and the personal conduct policies, but not everyone is getting caught. if you throw the book at the ones you catch, it will act as a deterrent. Maybe they keep drinking, maybe they keep smoking, but at least they'll do it in their house which limits the dangers to others. Let's stop coddling these moron millionaires because they play a game for our entertainment.ANALYST: Howard Bender Mobile App