Browns QB Brian Hoyer (knee) said he's been fully cleared to participate in training camp.

Hoyer being cleared is step one in the learning process for Johnny Manziel as the Browns would prefer the veteran presence under center to start the season. Is it possible that Hoyer holds the job all year? Probably not. As I stated in the 2014 Fantasy Alarm Football Draft Guide, "this offense is going to have some serious struggles this year and the Browns dont want to put Manziel through the nightmarish beginning of the year to open his career. If he takes over the team at 0-6, then hes a hero who will do what he can given the circumstances and everything just gets chalked up to experience. But if hes the one starting the season at 0-6, then too much focus and too much undeserved blame is going to fall on him and it will impact his career negatively." ANALYST: Howard Bender