Aldon Smith was sentenced to 12 days in jail on gun and DUI charges.  He gets credit for one day served, and he’ll serve the remaining 11 by participating in a work crew on Mondays, starting July 28th.

Seriously? Eleven days of picking up trash on the side of the highway? Come on. The reports don't say if this is related to his arrest last year or if it's a new one, but if it's a new one, this is just a disgrace. Didn't he complete a rehab program last year to avoid the jail time? So what's he doing, not just drinking and driving, but doing it with A GUN IN HIS CAR?!?!? Word has it that the NFL isn't going to even get involved here with its personal conduct policy. What a joke. If he wasn't a cautionary tale before, he most certainly is now. How do you draft this guy in an IDP league knowing that he'll likely be drunk-driving again in a matter of weeks? Either jail time or his own demise seem like the only two ways to get him to stop acting like such a moron. ANALYST: Howard Bender