Percy Harvin, who is expected to be the team's main kick returner, said he is also open to returning punts this year.

There's really no denying the talent when it comes to Harvin and he probably gives the Seahawks the best chance to win the field position battle as their return man both in kickoff and punts. However, injuries have been so prevalent in his career, whether it's the hip surgery or even just the rash of migraines he's been known to experience, that you have to think putting him in harm's way even more as a return guy is going to negatively affect his ability to stay on the field as a receiver. We're not saying he can;t do it all, but there's a tremendous risk involved here. A full season as the Seahawks' No. 1 receiver should make him a highly-sought after commodity and he's got the potential to deliver on every bit of that promise. You just have to be prepared for the possibility of losing him for a few weeks during the year. It might not happen but you still have to factor that possibility in when you draft.ANALYST: Howard Bender Mobile App