Clay Buchholz threw a complete-game, three-hit shutout and struck out 12 to beat the Astros 11-0 on Sunday.

Just a spectacular outing for Buchholz. Absolutely spectacular. But let's pump the brakes for a moment here and not get carried away into thinking he's someone he's not. Does he have talent? Yes, of course he does. But let's not forget everything else he's done this season. The outing brought this ERA down to a 5.42 which, if you play fantasy, you know that's not good. His strikeout rate is still middle-of-the-road, he still gives up too many home runs, his command can be very spotty, and when he loses it against a team, which happens regularly, he blows up pretty badly. It was a great outing here, but if you expect to see that from him on even a remotely consistent basis, you're fooling yourself and destined to see your ratios blown to bits.ANALYST: Howard Bender