Justin Verlander was credited for allowing seven runs over 5.2 innings with four walks and six strikeouts in the loss to the White Sox Wednesday.

Verlander actually pitched better than his final line suggests, and had he not talked rookie manager Brad Asmus into allowing him to stay in to face a left-handed hitter in the sixth inning with two outs and a lefty ready to go in the pen only to see that decision blow up in everybody's face. I have actually avoided JV over the last couple years in drafts due to his downward trend and top two number of innings since 2006 with his higher amount of leverage in his innings than any pitcher over that span and I am not confident he has turned the corner after he was allowed to throw over 120 innings on Wednesday, but I would consider rolling the dice on him over say Michael Wacha (worried he is dealing with an injury), Mat Latos, or Bronson Aorryo, to name a few.ANALYST: Michael Pichan


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