Update: While TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) is reporting that Marshawn Lynch was "in the building during a heated altercation between two rival rap crews, but the RB kept his nose clean," night club employees confirmed that Lynch was very much part of the group that pushed its way to the backstage area and onto the stage. The first punch that was thrown came from Mistah F.A.B. and the two rival crews pushed each other back and forth. There is no confirmation that Lynch actually threw or took a punch, but he was part of the altercation.

It's understandable that Mistah F.A.B. would like to keep his friend's involvement out of the news headlines, given the circumstances, but Lynch is obviously not free of involvement as the TMZ Sports report states. Lynch was very much part of F.A.B.'s crew and was identified by sources as one of the people who pushed their way through the backstage area to get onto the stage where DJ Mustard was performing. Again, with respect to fantasy value, this incident sheds light on character, something the NFL has taken a very hard-lined stance on in recent seasons. It doesn't sound like this is something the league will investigate itself as authorities were not involved, but it does add an element of concern with regard to Lynch and compounds the risks noted in drafting him that have arisen as of late.ANALYST: Howard Bender