LeBron James was unable to finish out the Game 1 loss to the Spurs due to heat exhaustion and cramps.

What kind of cramps were they? You would think it would have been even easier for "whom we shall never ever refer to as the King again," to be able to walk, run, play without any balls getting in his way. Dude your team name is the Heat, you were excited to go to South Beach, yet you can't play without air conditioning? (The AC at the AT&T Center was broke during the game). Tony Parker and his sore hammy seemed alright. Old farts Ginobili, Diaw, and Duncan seemed fine. And don't give me, "The Spurs bench is deeper than the Heat," that is an excuse Scottie Pippen would use, not one you would hear from Larry Bird, Willis Reed, Michael Jordan, etc. James, before he got some San Antonio sand in it, had a game-high 25 points, with six boards, three assists, and four turnovers in 33 minutes of the 110-95 defeat.ANALYST: Michael Pichan


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