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Manager Terry Francona said Carlos Santana (concussion) could return either Wednesday or Friday.

Obviously the Indians have to play it by ear with Santana right now due to the nature of concussion-symptoms, but the middle to the end of the week seems like as good a target time as any for right now. Stay tuned as we'll be updating his condition regularly.ANALYST: Howard Bender

Jabari Parker scored 17 points (7-of-11 FGA, 3-of-6 FTA) and grabbed nine rebounds, and recorded four assists on Thursday night against the Wizards.

Parker was very effective on Thursday night, scoring 17 points on the strength of efficient shooting and nine rebounds against the Wizards. His season averages so far this year do not indicate that he will maintain this type of production, but considering his gobs of potential, expect this performance to be one that Parker builds off of headed into All-Star weekend.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Khris Middleton scored 27 points (9-of-17 FGA, 1-of-3 3PA, 8-of-9 FTA), grabbed six rebounds, recorded nine assists, and five steals on Thursday night against the Wizards.

Middleton led all scorers on Thursday night with 27, while he also proved to be the best player on the floor in terms of statistical diversity, as he recorded six rebounds, five steals, and nine assists against the Wizards. While headed into the season, Middleton was expected to do most of his damage from the three-point line, he has instead developed into a consistent, reliable scorer in a more traditional fashion. This doesn’t take away from his legitimacy as a fantasy starter, however fantasy owners should curb their enthusiasm when considering Middleton as a top-notch 3-and-D project.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 17 points (6-of-16 FGA, 1-of-2 3PA, 4-of-5 FTA) and grabbed 13 rebounds on Thursday night against the Wizards.

He may not have shot effectively on Thursday night, however the Greek Freak certainly loaded up on points and rebounds against the Washington Wizards. Considering his god-given natural physical talent, these are the type of stat lines that we can come to expect from Antetokounmpo going forward as his unlimited potential continues to blossom. Next up in his development is a more consistent jump shot.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Nene scored 14 points (4-of-8 FGA, 6-of-6 FTA) and grabbed six rebounds on Thursday night against the Bucks

Nene was solid offensively off the bench, not only shooting over 50-percent from the floor while scoring 14 points, but his six rebounds helped out his fantasy stock as well. Unfortunately for the Wizards however, is that Nene – at this point in his career – operates as a turnstile defensively. Because of this, Nene holds only a bench role, ultimately limiting his fantasy value as a contributor headed into the second half of the season.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Otto Porter scored 14 points (6-of-15 FGA, 1-of-5 3PA, 1-of-2 FTA), grabbed four rebounds, and recorded two assists on Thursday night.

For those who enlisted Porter’s cheap services in DFS formats on Thursday night, his 14 points and four rebounds certainly satisfied. Outside of an occasional start in daily leagues while strapped on a budget, Porter hasn’t proved to be consistent in order to  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Marcin Gortat scored 14 points (7-of-13 FGA) and grabbed 10 rebounds on Thursday night against the Bucks.

Gortat was probably the best player on the floor for Washington on Thursday night, as he recorded a double-double and was the only Wizard starter to shoot over 50-percent from the field. His offensive efficiency comes as no surprise, as he is a quality mid-range shooter and possesses deft touch around the rim – even when contested. He also finished with the best +/-, giving fantasy owners a quality outing to deal with despite a losing effort. Continue to consider him better than led on to believe when it comes to fantasy centers.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Bradley Beal scored 19 points (6-of-15 FGA, 2-of-6 3PA, 5-of-5 FTA, grabbed three rebounds, and recorded five assists on Thursday night.

Beal led all Wizards scorers on Thursday night with 19, which likely explains why they failed to defeat the Bucks. It really was just an overall off shooting night for Washington, and Beal just happened to be the least of the evils. He still finished a mere 6-of-15 from the field and 2-of-6 from three, however there was really no one else on the squad who did any better. Now that it appears that his injures are behind him, Beal should go on to serve as one of the top fantasy two guard options headed into the second half of the season.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

John Wall scored 15 points (5-of-19 FGA, 3-of-12 3PA, grabbed four rebounds, recorded 10 assists and two steals on Thursday night against the Bucks.

Wall’s struggles on Thursday night likely led to the Wizards loss to the Bucks, as he failed to serve as the offensive catalyst that he typically is with a mere 5-of-19 from the floor and 3-of-12 from three. For the sake of fantasy owners though, he still finished with a double-double tallying 15 points and 10 assists, in attempts to make up for his shooting woes and seven turnovers. What should be comforting for fantasy owners is that even on his worse nights, Wall seems capable of a serviceable double-double. Consider Thursday just an off night, while he will rebound nicely in his next outing and continue playing as a top point guard going forward.  Analysis: Dom Murtha

Tim Lincecum has been throwing every day with a trainer and his father watching.

Lincecum is looking for a job and is clearly showcasing himself for anyone that will watch. He posted an ERA north of 4.00 for the last four seasons and may be better suited as an arm out of the bullpen. There is little doubt that Lincecum will sign somewhere--likely in a spot that will give him a chance to start--but only the Marlins and Rangers have been linked to him lately. Analysis: David Kerr

John Wall (knee) isn't sure if he'll play in the All-Star game Sunday.

Wall tweaked his knee in the first half of Thursday's game, but still managed to play 42 minutes and scored 15 points while dishing out 10 assists. He's likely fine, but with the All-Star Game on Sunday, the Wizards may choose to give him some extra rest before the regular season picks up again next Friday.  Analysis: David Kerr

Manager Andy Green said the team has asked Andrew Cashner to make mechanical fixes and he has agreed.

This is a positive development. Cashner took a big step backwards in 2015, posting a 4.34 ERA and 1.44 WHIP. The good news for Cashner is that he did see a bump in strikeouts (8.0 K/9), but he regressed everywhere else. He certainly had a solid track record prior to the 2015 season, so he makes for a fine mid-to-late round pick in drafts this spring. Analysis: David Kerr

Reds believe the Orioles have the prospects to make a Jay Bruce trade.

Bruce is already playing in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the major leagues, so a move to the Orioles wouldn't really increase his fantasy value. What you see is what you're going to get with Bruce--a low average and 30 home runs with plenty of peaks and valleys. The Reds are definitely in rebuild mode, so a trade to get some younger depth would make a lot of sense. Analysis: David Kerr

Josh Morgan was charged with reckless handling of a firearm this week, after he accidentally shot himself while cleaning it.

Well, at least he did recklessly use the gun on someone else. Morgan played in the NFL for seven seasons, but he wasn't rostered in 2015. Even if he hadn't accidentally shot himself, it's likely that his football career is over. Analysis: David Kerr

Ivan Nova clearly wants to be a starter but will do whatever the Yankees ask.

Nova has been a below average starter throughout his career, but his struggles in 2015 can be attributed to his return from Tommy John surgery. He will compete for a job in New York's starting rotation during spring training, but there are no guarantees that he will win the job. It seems more likely that he will be in line to pitch out of the Yankees bullpen--at least early on. Analysis: David Kerr

Rockies invited non-roster 3B Ryan McMahon, LF Mike Tauchman, RF Jordan Pattersonto, CF David Dahl, LF Noel Cuevas and C Will Swanner to spring training.

Dahl is the only player of note in this group. The 21-year-old outfielder spent the majority of the 2015 season in Double-A and hit .278 with six home runs, 24 RBIs, and 22 stolen bases. He's unlikely to make the Rockies' active roster out of spring training, but should see Coors Field at some point after the All-Star break. Analysis: David Kerr


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