Michael Pineda was ejected in the bottom of the second inning after the umpire found a foreign substance on his neck.

After the TV cameras caught a foreign substance on the palm of Pineda's hand during his last time facing the Red Sox, it sparked a huge controversy in the media but not on the field as those playing know that the pine tar used was merely to help grip the ball in the cold weather, not for pitch movement. When the players noticed the substance on the back of Pineda's neck this time, Red Sox manager John Farrell asked the umpire to check him. When the umpire found it, he immediately ejected Pineda. This is one of those situations where it's widely accepted that pitchers use something to improve their grip without doctoring the ball, but in Pineda's case, he simply needed to hide it better. This should spark quite the addition to the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.ANALYST: Howard Bender