Coco Crisp is not in the A's starting lineup Saturday.

Crisp hasn't been playing against left-handers this season, recording just one at-bat against a southpaw this year. His splits don't indicate a huge disparity between handedness, but the A's have enough outfielders that Bob Melvin can afford to mix and match at this stage of the game. Crisp has been eased back in from his hamstring injury, so the extra rest is going to be a good thing anyway. He'll be available off the bench.ANALYST: Howard Bender No word on whether this is related to his prior hamstring problem that kept him out of the lineup since last Sunday until he went 2 for 3 with a HR on Friday night. When Crisp is active, he is a must start with his power speed combo that he provides. Keep an eye on the injury reports to make certain this is just a day of rest after a night game.ANALYST: Ivar G. Anderson