Jermichael Finley said he’s eyeballing a team that already is on the verge of getting to the promised land. “I mean there’s a couple of teams I would love and would be on the first flight out to play with but like I said the Packers are going to come at me with something and I’m going to go to them first and see what they’ve got and if it’s not I would love to be on the first flight out to good old Seattle,” Finley said.

Really? A player wants to play for a contender? Shocking. Perhaps Finley is just trying to put the word out that he's interested in leaving the Packers given the fact that his targets and overall workload have dropped off in recent seasons. If Finley simply wants the ball more, then that's something he obviously needs to verbalize because just saying that you want to play for a contender when you are clearly about to leave one seems a bit silly. ANALYST: Howard Bender Mobile App