Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s bold comments of being the best corner in the NFL received a mountain of attention last week. Sherman, who led the league in interceptions during the regular season, began his collegiate career playing wide receiver at Stanford. Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who played alongside Sherman at Stanford, noted on Monday that there was a reason for Sherman’s position change. “He was awful,” Baldwin said with a smile on FOX Super Bowl Daily. “He would tell you otherwise, obviously, that he was the best wide receiver Stanford has ever seen. While he was there, my sophomore year, he had four touchdowns of which were from blown coverages. But he would tell you that he would cause the coverages to be blown. "He was awful at receiver.”

These comments should help make a little light of Sherman's post-game comments after the Seahawks defeated the Niners to advance to the Super Bowl. It will be interesting to see if the ever confident Richard Sherman responds to his teammates jabs as Baldwin had caught only four touchdowns in his first three seasons combined (31 games) at Standford before reeling in nine in 13 games of his senior season.ANALYST: Michael Pichan


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