Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was unhappy with his own performance in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers. “Frustrating way to end the season,” Rodgers said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I think a lot of us felt with the way things had gone the last four or five weeks that there was something special about this year, and everything might be aligning right for us to make a run. So, I’m very disappointed. Personally, it’s frustrating not to play your best game. Tough conditions, but the defense held them to 23 points. We should win that game.”

Rodgers finished the game 17-for-26 for 177 yards and one touchdown, giving him a 97.8 quarterback rating. To his defense, it was only his second game back since Week 9, so clearly all the rust was not off him yet. Expect this loss to motivate Rodgers even more this offseason, as he will look to bounce back from a 2013 season he will want to forget. ANALYST: Matthew Beck