Closer Jonathan Papelbon expressed his frustration with the Phillies' situation after Sunday's loss, saying the organization will have to undergo changes from the top down if the team continues to struggle. "I definitely didn't come here for this," said Papelbon, who signed a four-year, $50 million contract in November 2011. "I would like to stay here. But if I'm going to have to put up with this year after year, then no, I don't want to be here. Why would you? Why would anybody?"

At this point, Papelbon has pretty much forced the Phillies hand prior to Wednesday's deadline. There are a few teams that are in a playoff run that could use his services, but will likely have to each a lot of his remaining salary. In terms of fantasy if he does in fact get traded there is no way a team would pay his premium and not use him as their closer. So his fantasy value should be safe either way. For all the latest bullpen news, be sure to follow @MLBDailyBullpen on Twitter. ANALYST: Matthew Beck Looks like $50 million doesn't buy you much loyalty. Tell you what Mr. Papelbon, why don't you go suck an egg. You make $12 million a year to play a game. Ninety-nine percent of folks will never make that amount in their entire life. They work for much less money under much greater work stresses than you do. How about your just keep your mouth shut and do your job. Thus ends our public service announcement. ANALYST: Ray Flowers