Chris Carter hit his third home run of the season Wednesday as the Astros defeated the Mariners 8-3.

Carter now has three home runs and five RBI in his last two games. Carters three RBI Tuesday were his first in seven games to start the season. Carter is not a likely candidate to hit for average as he has a career .214 BA in 364 at-bats, but he could be a source of home run and RBI hitting in the heart of an Astros order. I would recommend his former team Brandon Moss first, but if he is unavailable then take a flier on Carter.ANALYST: Michael Pichan Chris Carter is basically another Adam Dunn... Well, he's a current day Adam Dunn, not the actual Adam Dunn who hit around .270 when he first made it to the pros.... and he's also going to have less run scoring and RBI opportunities than the real Adam Dunn... He's also unlikely to hit as many HRs as Adam Dunn, seeing as he has no support in that god-awful Astros lineup... So I guess what I'm saying is, he's a poor-man's fantasy version of Adam Dunn... Not quite as good at anything, but capable of crushing the ball if/when he makes contact. ANALYST: Mobile App