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Percy Harvin is in full pads Sunday after light duty Saturday.

One of the heroes of Super Bowl XLVIII, Percy Harvin is being routinely rested, according to Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. Injury concerns continue to dog Harvin's reputation as a big-time contributor. It appears that the Seahawks are doing what they can to give Harvin his best chance at dodging the injury bug this season.
Analyst: Joshua Balay  View Profile

27 Jul, 01:31 PMSource

Percy Harvin, who is expected to be the team's main kick returner, said he is also open to returning punts this year.

There's really no denying the talent when it comes to Harvin and he probably gives the Seahawks the best chance to win the field position battle as their return man both in kickoff and punts. However, injuries have been so prevalent in his career, whether it's the hip surgery or even just the rash of migraines he's been known to experience, that you have to think putting him in harm's way even more as a return guy is going to negatively affect his ability to stay on the field as a receiver. We're not saying he can;t do it all, but there's a tremendous risk involved here. A full season as the Seahawks' No. 1 receiver should make him a highly-sought after commodity and he's got the potential to deliver on every bit of that promise. You just have to be prepared for the possibility of losing him for a few weeks during the year. It might not happen but you still have to factor that possibility in when you draft.
Analyst: Howard Bender  View Profile

15 Jul, 11:22 AMSource

Seahawks plan on resting Percy Harvin during training camp.

Well that makes sense. Harvin has a laundry list of injuries on his resume, so if it means sparing him some wear-and-tear by missing training camp, so be it. We already know that he can catch and run.
Analyst: Howard Bender  View Profile

23 Jun, 03:49 PMSource

Percy Harvin says his health is the best it's been since before college.

Hard to know what to make of this "Best Shape of My Life" story, but it doesn't hurt (LOL) to hear it from an oft injured player. Harvin is an electric performer when on the field. The sample size of him in a Seahawks uniform, however, is so small, it's tough to know what to expect from him, or what kind of rapport he has with Russell Wilson.
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28 May, 11:08 PMSource

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17 Jul, 07:49 PMSource

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed that Percy Harvin is "ready to go" and "is a part of the Super Bowl game plan. 

How apropos would it be for Harvin to blow up in the Super Bowl given that his first season with the Seahawks has been a total disaster? Sounds like he'll physically be ready to handle a subsantial workload in the big game.
Analyst: Ray Flowers  View Profile

27 Jan, 02:51 PMSource

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said WR Percy Harvin looked 100% in practice this week and will play in Super Bowl with no limitations.

If you're in a suicide pool were you can only play a player once in the playoffs, Harvin is shaping up as a strong option for the big game if you've already blown through the Broncos wideouts.
Analyst: Ray Flowers  View Profile

24 Jan, 04:14 PMSource

Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin has been cleared to play in the Super Bowl next Sunday, per He has cleared concussion protocol.

24 Jan, 10:29 AMSource

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said WR Percy Harvin was back at practice today.

While Harvin may have been back at practice, he still has a lot of work to do before stepping out onto that field for the Super Bowl. Should his concussion symptoms be gone, then he'll figure nicely into the passing attack against a sub par Denver pass defense, but given the beatings he's taken now after each return from an injury, he just might be used as a decoy.
Analyst: Howard Bender  View Profile

22 Jan, 06:10 PMSource

Coach Pete Carroll said Percy Harvin has a couple more steps to take to get cleared, but should get back soon.

Fortunately Harvin has about two weeks to pass league mandated concussion protocols before the Seahawks take on the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVII.
Analyst: Michael Pichan  View Profile

You know the Seahawks want to have Harvin back on the field in the final game of the season. Expect him to make every effort to play.
Analyst: Ivar G. Anderson  View Profile

20 Jan, 06:22 PMSource

Sources tell FOX Sports that the Seahawks expect Percy Harvin (concussion, hip) to play in the Super Bowl.

Harvin missed Sunday's game due to lingering effects from a concussion sustained last weekend, but with two weeks off before the Super Bowl, he expects to be ready for the biggest game of his career. If Harvin was able to suit up he would add a dimension to the Seahawks offense that was missing all season and could be just what the team needs to pull this out.
Analyst: Matthew Beck  View Profile

20 Jan, 08:37 AM

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