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Welcome to the Lineup Generator. Other Lineup Optimizers/Generators use qualitative data to create their lineups based on past performance and projected future in raw numbers. Projections cannot predict “UPSIDE”. Choosing players for lineups should not be derived from numbers, but instead from analysts who WATCH GAMES and then analyze mounds of data to determine value including “upside”. Our generator takes our analysts’ views on players combines 30+ numerical metrics to determine a player’s value. Straight numerical analysis from other Lineup Optimizers cannot deliver the “upside” necessary to consistently win at daily fantasy sports. This is a BETA release so please let us know what you would like to see added or changed by emailing to feedback@fantasyalarm.com.

Note: Please check back close to lineup lock, to make sure that all of your players are still in their lineups

Don't forget to click on the GENERATE LINEUP button after you make all your changes.
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Lineup Thu Aug 17 1:12 pm
Pos Player Order Team Opp Salary Proj. Pts Exclude
Totals: $ pts
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