2016 NBA Draft Recap: Reaction and Analysis
Brett Squires

E'twaun Moore is expected to meet with teams later on Friday and could move quickly depending on the offers.

The gutting of the Bulls has already begun but now it could go another level deep with Moore potential on the move. He was a very nice role player for the Bulls, averaging 7.5 PPG, 2.3 RPG, and 1.7 APG in 21.4 MPG over 59 games last season. If he is on the move, the grittiness he brings will be missed by the Bulls.
5 hours ago

DeMar DeRozan has agreed to a five-year $139 million with the Raptors.

Toronto were big favorites to re-sign DeRozan from the outset but now this just solidifies those thoughts as one of the top players is now off the market, just as quickly as he came on the market. The $139 million is actually about $2.5 million a year less than the full max offer would have been but that savings can now be put into rounding out the rest of the rest with other free agents. He had a career year in 2015-16 and is one of the main reason that the Raptors went as far as they did in the postseason.
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Warriors, Spurs, Knicks, and Trail Blazers are the teams interested in signing Pau Gasol.

Gasol had been saying all season that he would leave at the end of the season and now a list has come out for his favorite teams and the Bulls aren't on it. Each of the four teams offer something a little different and couple of them seem like great fits, but for the slightly eccentric Gasol, the surrounding area could carry weight too. He reportedly wants to stick in a bigger city so that wouldn't look good for Minneapolis or Portland or San Antonio for that matter, but Portland and San Antonio have cultural standing that could supplant the size in Gasol's mind. The 35-year-old center looked reinvigorated in 2015-16 and could be a huge pick up for who ever signs him in the coming couple of seasons.
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Lakers have reached out to Evan Turner about a meeting.

Turner has a list of six teams and the Lakers are on it, so there appears to be mutual interest between the two sides though it's still early in the process. The former Ohio State product was a master on the defensive end of the court for Brad Stevens' crew in the last two years while providing some decent punch on the other end of the court with 10.0 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and 5.0 APG in 27.8 MPG. L.A. is still in full rebuild mode at the moment so it might be tough for to attract top-tier players there, but Turner could give him solid value if he were to land in Hollywood.
5 hours ago

Courtney Lee will meet with the Knicks on Friday.

With Arron Afflalo opting-out of his contract with the Knicks, New York finds themselves in the market for a shooting guard in this free agency and Courtney Lee might just be that player. He could fit the role well for he Knicks as they need a perimeter defender and a good three-point shooter aside from Carmelo, and Lee shooting it at 37.8 from deep fits. There is no discussion of contract talks at this point but there is some mutual interest between the parties so something could happen quickly once they meet up.
6 hours ago

Teams that have reached out to Kent Bazemore's agent are getting the impression that it will take $19-$20 million per season to sign him.

Bazemore's name has been thrown out there all over the place in free agency talks this year but now we have some harder numbers to look at when thinking of where he could wind up. Given the deals that have already been agreed to are tremendously high, he shouldn't have any problem meeting that number per year from someone. Atlanta is pretty well resigned to the fact that he is leaving along with Al Horford, so a rebuild will be in store for the Hawks while Bazemore heads to potentially greener pastures.
6 hours ago

Chandler Parsons has an offer in hand from Portland for a four-year, $94 million max contract.

It wasn't a big secret that the Blazers wanted Chandler Parsons pretty badly in free agency and now with the first meeting wrapped up they have given him a parting gift of an offer. The $94 million is close to the max they could offer the 6'10" forward who had a very good year in Big D with 16.7 PPG, 5.7 RPG, and 3.4 APG despite having some injury problems once again. If Portland signs Parsons, they will still have enough cap space to bring back the three RFAs that they have as well.
6 hours ago

Brandon Jennings will work out for the Nets on Friday at UCLA according to Chris Broussard.

Jennings was the big piece that went back to Orlando in the Tobias Harris deal with Detroit at the deadline last season, but is now a free agent and is looking to setup meetings. Brooklyn is clearly in the middle of a rebuild but that process could take a nice step forward if Jennings is brought into the fold and he is fully healthy. The torn Achilles has made him a different player over the last half season, but before that he was averaging 15.4 PPG and 6.6 APG.
6 hours ago

Update: Lakers and Timofey Mozgov are in negotiations on a four-year, $65 million deal.

The deal is now reportedly agreed to by both parties, at least in principle obviously. The numbers in this free agency have already been crazy and it's only an hour in, and with this pact, it's sure to change future deals for guys who haven't signed yet. Mozgov was a great addition for the Cavs in 2014-15 before being phased out of the rotation this past season and ultimately sitting for nine playoff games. It's a curious move for the Lakers to give him that much money coming off the season he had, but hey it's not the first time they have overpaid for a big man.
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