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Danny Granger (hamstring) is in uniform on the Clippers bench but will not play Wednesday. He will return to practice Thursday or Friday.

The Clippers thought Granger might be able to play and were willing to give him some minutes to get him ready for the playoffs. Unfortunately though, he complained of lingering soreness and the team will err on the side of caution here.
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16 Apr, 11:18 PMSource

Michael Beasley (sprained right ankle) will not return to Wednesday's game.

And there you have it. Beasley will not make it back for the rest of the game and he'll be re-evaluated Thursday morning to determine the actual severity of the injury. Consider him day-to-day.
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16 Apr, 09:54 PMSource

Michael Beasley is limping into the locker room with a leg injury.

He's leaving under his own power which is always a good sign, but the trainers will make the ultimate decision as to whether or not he returns. Though he fills more of a support role, the Heat don;t want to risk losing their depth.
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16 Apr, 09:50 PMSource

Dirk Nowitzki limped off at the end of the half and put a rubber sleeve on his knee during halftime.

Mad respect to Dirk for finishing the season the way he has. With the Mavs eliminated from the playoffs so quickly, he could have just tanked it and phoned-in the rest of the season. He's doing a great job showing what a true competitor is all about.
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16 Apr, 09:26 PMSource

Adonis Thomas has a dislocated pinky finger on his right hand, the team says. His return is questionable.

Well at least he got to make his first-ever start. Who cares if it only lasted four minutes? Thomas will have the entire offseason to heal, so there is little reason for concern here.
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16 Apr, 09:11 PMSource

Chris Paul did not travel with the team to Portland. He's back in L.A. with Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick.

Paul wasn't going to see any time on the floor so it made no sense to make the trip. He'll stay well-rested and focus on the upcoming playoffs.
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16 Apr, 08:57 PMSource

Al Harrington is getting stitches about his left eye and will return.

As expected, a few stitches and he'll be back. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.
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16 Apr, 08:55 PMSource

Isaiah Thomas and Rudy Gay are playing Wednesday night for the Kings.

They're basically just getting some last licks in for the season after losing so much time recently to injuries. How many minutes each plays is yet to be determined but at least you've got some late night DFS options to consider.
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16 Apr, 08:54 PMSource

Al Harrington has a cut above his left eye and the trainers are tending to him now. 

Rub some dirt on it, Johnny! Harrington may have to head back to the locker room for a few stitches at the most, but this doesn't seem to be too serious. He should return to the game soon enough.
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16 Apr, 08:45 PMSource

Update: Blazers F LaMarcus Aldridge and G Mo Williams will not play Wednesday night in the season finale vs. Clippers.

The Blazers have said that they'll sit their guys for the season finale against the Clippers as the game has no bearing on the playoff seeding. The team will continue to focus on bringing everyone back to full health for the playoff run.
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16 Apr, 08:44 PMSource

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